Presenting | I’m An Auntie!!

Last week I officially became an Auntie.
It’s a funny thing what a difference which side of the skin a baby is on can make. In some ways she’s been around for the past nine months. We’ve seen her grow in watching my sister’s belly grow and thanks to the amazing technology involved with sonogram pictures but last week she was born. She’s on our side of my sisters belly now and our world has turned upside down with joy. She is so sweet and beautiful and just perfect. I am so thrilled, not just with her existence but with what a great model she’s turned out to be. What a relief. I had myself all worked up about what a strain it would be to our relationship if she didn’t like having her picture taken. : ) Turns out all my worries were for nothing because she’s everything I dreamed she’d be. Calm, sleepy, cooperative, patient, and gorgeous…all that plus personality!
I’m so grateful too to my sister who let me turn her family room into a make shift studio for the weekend. Here are some of our favorites.

Welcome to the world Lil Miss Saylie Adell.
This was a great little hat I found on Etsy. I’m in love now with both the hat and the nickname it’s given her, Saylie Bear.

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