Presenting | Newborns Are My New Fave!

So I’m totally loving the newborn photography stuff right now and was so excited to book this shoot with a 2 week old little girl. So precious. The days leading up to the shoot I kept hoping we’d get at least a couple shots of her with her eyes open but wasn’t counting on it since 90% of a newborns life is spent sleeping. Turns out what I should’ve been worrying about was not getting any sweet sleeping ones. For the first hour of the shoot she was wide awake and all about what was going on so we got some great ones of her big beautiful eyes.

Presenting | Friends with Beautiful Children

Have I mentioned my friends always seem to have the most beautiful children? I’m so lucky. I was so excited to hear from Natalie and even more thrilled when she was calling wanting to do pictures of her kids in their Easter outfits. We quickly picked a date and it couldn’t come fast enough. As always the kids were their wonderful, happy and loving selves and were a true joy to shoot and just to be around…plus I can’t get enough of Porter calling me his “pretty friend”.
We got together again the next week when mom and dad could jump in too and I’m SO glad we did. I’m really proud of these next pictures…I know we were outside when I took these and they knew I was there taking them but anyone who knows this family knows this is exactly what you’d see peeking in their window on any given evening…this is just who they are and it’s so beautiful. I love these pictures.