Presenting | Beautiful Baby Bump

I’ve been feeling a little creative lately and greatly appreciate the opportunity Kristen gave me to experiment with some ideas I’ve had for maternity shots. I can’t express how fulfilling it is to have an idea or image in my head and see it come to fruition as a tangible print. I couldn’t be more thankful for Kristen’s willingness or more thrilled with the outcome.

Presenting | The Magic of Motherhood

Had a ball getting together with a good friend to capture the magic of motherhood. She’s expecting her third and felt that pregnancy and motherhood are such a huge part of her life that she wanted to capture the emotions that come with these fleeting times.
This one is a ball to photograph…over flowing with enthusiasm, emotion, and expression. Check out those eyes.
A sweet moment between superman and supermom.

Presenting | The Lucia Lucia Show

A friends band, Lucia Lucia, had a killer show at Galaxy Hut last weekend. The quaint hole in the wall venue offered a cozy urban atmosphere where we could get some great shots…just thought I’d share.
Check out their stuff on theirĀ Lucia Lucia Myspace Page!