Presenting | My New Favorite Model

So we had to do some of the photo shoots at the beach but we couldn’t do all of them there. I remembered some amazing corn fields I’d spotted on the way into Nags Head so we drove about 15 minutes back out and over the bridge to a spot I thought would set the scene for a fun shoot with Tanner.
We also pulled over at some cool antique shops with vintage stuff on the lots that lent themselves well to this wool pinstripe vest I’ve been dying to use. Tanner lent himself well to vest too!!! He was such a doll to shoot and was so adorably as in love with this brown vest as I was that he asked if he could keep it after the shoot. Being the sucker that I am for raspy voices…I am now back on the lookout for a cute vintage vest…let me know if see anything!

Presenting | Beach Babes!

It’s been the summer of the Outer Banks for me and I am NOT complaining! On the most recent trip down I had the opportunity to do an “America’s Next Top Model” Themed shoot where these gorgeous girls were able to practice their fiercest poses. Watch out Tyra!

Presenting | Petey & Joy

Just knowing her name was Joy had me all convinced I already knew her somehow. It’s a name she shares with my dear Grandmother and is the “J” in Cerina J. Photography so needless to say I was super excited to meet her and to do her son Petey’s 6 month session. He turned out to be the perfect model; all smiles from the moment I introduced myself…and his little teeth couldn’t be more perfectly placed. What a charmer! Totally living up to her name, Joy was a true pleasure to work with and a natural mother as well.

Watching her with her son really struck me and quickly the shoot that was intended to capture Petey around the 6 month mark evolved into an opportunity to capture the beautiful bond of mother and child.

Presenting | Meeting Katelena

This blue eyed beauty is as sweet and charming as her beautiful name. Pronounced Cat-Elena, she’s named after her mothers Godmother Kat & her Grandmother Elena.
This little one has a special place in my heart and I am so grateful I finally got to meet her. Congratulations Joanna & Rick!