Presenting | My New Niece!!

Hello world…let me introduce you to the new center of ours, Miss Gia Marie. Born on the 28th with a full head of gorgeous hair!
As you may know my first niece was born this last March and I didn’t know I could love a baby that wasn’t my own that much. This time I’m learning how little I knew of love and the depth and breadth of it’s scope.
I love this little girl so much. I thought I knew what feelings to expect the first time I saw her and was surprised with how strong my emotions were when we met and how much stronger they get everyday. Feast your eyes on my newest cherished niece Gia!


Presenting | Shellie The Senior

A good friend of mine from Minnesota came for a visit recently and being the history buff she is, she wanted her Senior Pictures taken in DC. I tried my best to not disappoint. We hit up the town everyday…and night!

Got some good ones with the Lincoln memorial columns I find so unique AND Shellie introduced me to my new favorite DC location. It’s my new favorite for both it’s photos opps and for it’s history. So there’s this little red brick structure on the north lawn of the Capitol building. Inside are chairs carved into stone and in the center in a fountain. It’s always been a plain enough structure that to me, it was forgettable. Not so much since Shellie enlightened me with the knowledge that this is where slaves used to be brought for auction. I had no idea. It gave me chills to be there. Now every brick and form in the concrete seats is so significant and fascinating to me it really is the more intriguing place in DC to me these days.

We also made it out to the beautiful Harpers Ferry area that’s history and scenery offered endless possibilities as well. Here are some of my favorites.