Presenting | Pretty Penny

Wouldn’t you just know that after preparing the new mother for a typical newborn session that sometimes lasts up to 5 hours, her baby’s would be done in less than 2!! Penny slept the entire time, never fussed from being undressed, never fussed to be fed, never relieved herself on the props or backdrops, and held every pose without so much as flinching!!  Holy cow, this newborn session was an anomaly!

Penny was an absolute delight and made it easy to get dozens of amazing shots like these!


Presenting | The Leg-warmer Princess

I love when a shoot get’s its inspiration from the subject themselves, as was the case with this leg warmers shoot. I’m beyond proud to say the precious girl in these photos is my little niece. I was watching her this week and when I went to get her up from a nap and saw her leg warmers I just thought, I love that my sister has her rocking leg warmers all the time. Then I realized we don’t really have any pictures of her in them and that is a travesty. Leg warmers are really this girls thing so I thought we’d do a fun shoot to surprise my sister with and to commemorate her turning one in just a couple weeks. I love all the expressions this little princess has and I know you will too so check out the shoot that little G inspired.

What to Wear | Family Sessions

Deciding what to wear for a portrait session when it’s JUST you is a difficult decision so when you’re trying to coordinate wardrobe for the whole family, the decision can get a bit overwhelming.  For that reason I’ve put together some tips that will help your family portrait experience be one of minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.

What to Wear | Engagements

A lot of people have a hard time when it comes to choosing their wardrobe for Engagement pictures so here are 10 tips that will hopefully give you some guidance and confidence as you prep for your big day. Well, your big day before your BIG day!

Presenting | What Makes A 9-Hour Car Ride Worth It

The Answer: Miss Saylie Shoes

I’ll start by saying this niece of mine is a shoe girl if I’ve ever known one. As soon as she could walk she’d walk from pair to pair to pair of shoes on the floor, put them on and strut her stuff. Whether they were gym shoes, flip flops or high heels has made no difference she loves them all and can maneuver in them all. When I saw a great pair of sparkly red shoes at Target I knew she’d light up when she saw them so naturally I sent them.

I dropped them off at the post office and immediately all I could think about was seeing her in them. A week or so later I was still thinking about it so the first long weekend I saw on the calendar was then spoken for and I was driving to Michigan. Just under 9 hours later I was there and look who was still up at 11:30pm to greet me, my little “Saylie Shoes” herself… in pair of high heel flip flops!

We made the most of the weekend and were sure to do a quickie shoot with those sparkly red ones I was dying to see her in. Needless to say the drive was worth it!


I was so excited when I found these great textures the other day and was even more excited when I realized they were FREE!! So I’m spreading the love. Here’s the LINK to a texture gallery  at  with over 100 free textures in over 30 categories such as wood, brick, concrete, rust, moss, leaves, paper, subtle grunge, wallpaper, bubbles, glass and more but my favorite set is the Bokeh set! ENJOY!!

I’d love to see what you do with these so please share! Send me an email and your work may be featured on the Cerina J. Blog.

FAVE | Pettiskirt Vendors & Boutiques

I’m constantly being asked where I get all my pettiskirts from. If you too have been wondering than today is your lucky day as I’m revealing two of my favorite pettiskirt, pettitop, and pettibloomer vendors! Ladies & Gentlemen may I introduce, Pettiskirt Place & Oopsy Daisy Baby, I know you’ll be great friends. 🙂

While Oopsy Daisy Baby’s sizes range from Newborn to Kids 6x, Pettiskirt place has sizes ranging from newborn all the way to adult so the possibilities are endless not to mention there are solid colors, stripes, polka dots, animal print and more! These boutiques do not disappoint!