Presenting | What Makes A 9-Hour Car Ride Worth It

The Answer: Miss Saylie Shoes

I’ll start by saying this niece of mine is a shoe girl if I’ve ever known one. As soon as she could walk she’d walk from pair to pair to pair of shoes on the floor, put them on and strut her stuff. Whether they were gym shoes, flip flops or high heels has made no difference she loves them all and can maneuver in them all. When I saw a great pair of sparkly red shoes at Target I knew she’d light up when she saw them so naturally I sent them.

I dropped them off at the post office and immediately all I could think about was seeing her in them. A week or so later I was still thinking about it so the first long weekend I saw on the calendar was then spoken for and I was driving to Michigan. Just under 9 hours later I was there and look who was still up at 11:30pm to greet me, my little “Saylie Shoes” herself… in pair of high heel flip flops!

We made the most of the weekend and were sure to do a quickie shoot with those sparkly red ones I was dying to see her in. Needless to say the drive was worth it!


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