INSPIRATION | Dreamy Tones

I came across these first couple photos online and just stared awestruck for several minutes getting lost in their dreamy dreamy warm tones and captivating imagery.  I love how so much emotion and feeling can be in an image without even seeing a face which is usually what we use to express emotion and feeling. As mentioned previously the tones. Oh the tones, the tones, the tones. Somewhere in just about every image you can find all the colors of the rainbow and theres an etherial mystical feeling that brings…which I LOVE.  After much research I was finally able to track down the genius behind these beautiful images and found many more that I quickly fell in love with. Metin Demiralay, a Turkish photographer in Ankara is responsible for the following photographs. Enjoy!


PRESENTING | Being In Love Will Do that to ya

Talk about how love brings happiness and calm through the storm. So…It’s raining outside and our shoot is in an hour. We talk to see how we’re all feeling about it – should we continue? reschedule? they say, yeah it’s fine, it’s not raining that hard and hopefully it will stop soon. So we meet up and…it’s still raining. True, it’s not raining hard but still…it’s raining and these are your engagements. We went ahead in the rain starting at one of my favorite roads with a tree canopy hoping that will shelter us some  from the weather which it did, to a point. You would never believe a girl could be smiling this big when her freshly curled hair is getting wet during her ENGAGEMENT shoot…but in these first several shots that is just the case. Talk about chill, go with the flow and making the most of things. I guess being in love will do that to ya.

Luckily by location #2 she’d smiled the sunshine out and the rain had stopped.

PRESENTING | The Lumberjack Baby

Probably the most patient baby ever. My heart broke for baby Colton who was several weeks old at the time of this shoot which means he old enough that he’s awake and aware that he’s having his clothes changed over and over, being put in baskets, and taken out of baskets, hats on, hats off, etc. He’s also old enough to know he doesn’t like it. We took a couple breaks for him to get some comfort from Mama but pretty soon we had sweet surrender and got money shot after money shot of this precious baby boy.

PRESENTING | Baby Browns Turns 1

You saw her leg warmer invitations and knew the day was coming but it has arrived. Now prepare for this sweet girls baby browns to melt ya! I wish we all could look so cute sitting in a diaper shoveling cake in our mouths by the handful. Can you imagine?!

PRESENTING | Fall Leaves and Family Love

What a beautiful family. Each individually and all of them accumulatively, wouldn’t you agree?  This was a fun shoot at Cabell’s Mill where the fall leaves were glowing and the family love was gleaming. I couldn’t be happier with the shots we got; some with benches and walls, others with stone and trees, or the leaves and water. All great shots but as always my favorites are the ones with out any of those things. My favorite will always be the one cropped in the tightest around a face with sparkling eyes and I’m sure after looking at the pictures below the kids solos will be your favorites too. Their eyes just shine. I should’ve titled this one Denim and Diamonds… in their eyes. 🙂


So…The Pioneer Woman blog may be old news to some of you but if not this is your lucky day. I downloaded these 2 action sets almost 2 years ago but have been slowly recollecting my favorite sets again after my computer completely crashed last month. Though I’ve paid for many many sets of actions and textures these  2 Free sets from The Pioneer Woman blog are still on my short list of must haves. The 2 sets include multiple b/w, color boosting and vintage actions. Some examples are below.  Here’s the LINK. ENJOY!

PRESENTING | Backyard Beauties

Who says you need to barns and fences and fields and buildings and walls for great pictures. With beauties like these all you need is a backyard. We had trees, grass, leaves and even lucked out with a couple deer making a little cameo in the background bokeh of  the images with Lucas. Can you spot them?

P.S. Check out the green and red shoes…do you feel a christmas card coming? How adorable!