PRESENTING | Being In Love Will Do that to ya

Talk about how love brings happiness and calm through the storm. So…It’s raining outside and our shoot is in an hour. We talk to see how we’re all feeling about it – should we continue? reschedule? they say, yeah it’s fine, it’s not raining that hard and hopefully it will stop soon. So we meet up and…it’s still raining. True, it’s not raining hard but still…it’s raining and these are your engagements. We went ahead in the rain starting at one of my favorite roads with a tree canopy hoping that will shelter us some  from the weather which it did, to a point. You would never believe a girl could be smiling this big when her freshly curled hair is getting wet during her ENGAGEMENT shoot…but in these first several shots that is just the case. Talk about chill, go with the flow and making the most of things. I guess being in love will do that to ya.

Luckily by location #2 she’d smiled the sunshine out and the rain had stopped.


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