PRESENTING | Christmas Came Early for Me

For me Christmas came early this year, December 6th to be precise. That’s when the much anticipated arrival of these two treasures finally came and they did not disappoint. I’d had ideas for this shoot for months some even involved perfecting my carpentry skills and building a sleigh as you’ll see in the Christmas portion of their shoot…luckily when my woodworking skills failed to deliver, my father’s didn’t and I was bailed out and given the perfect Santa sleigh for his exhausted reindeer to nap in.

This shoot was amazing. For many reasons. One, I get this high from seeing images that have only existed in my mind then exist in digital print form for the world to see. So the pay off of seeing the perfect antler looking twigs I hunter for forever resting on the heads of these two sweeties was priceless. Two, you may notice how smiley these guys are when they’re together. That was NOT photoshop! The best way we could calm Berkeley down when she wasn’t too excited about having her picture taken was to lay her brother Chase down next to her. Without fail, each time they were placed close enough to cuddle they were so calm, peaceful, and happy. It was an amazing and beautiful beautiful experience for me. Thanks so much to Elisa & Danny for letting me practically move in for a day and put their newborns in suitcases, pea pods, suspenders, and even antlers. You’re the best!


CHRISTMAS CARD | The Orchard Shoot

I loved designing this Christmas card for the Comey’s from their shoot in Apple Country, Washington State. You may notice with many or most of my card designs I tend to use minimal graphics and designs and focus a lot on the images. It’s something I’ve found I do subconsciously. I just love looking at people’s faces without distraction. This years Comey Christmas card is no different. Designed as a 5×7 Flat card and printed with beautiful double sided UV Coating. Check it out and see how grown up our beautiful Gia is getting.




Just wanted to share the newest Birth Announcement Creation to get your creative juices flowing. This was designed and ordered as a 5×7 Flat card with UV Coating on both sides for a quality gloss finish.

If you can think of it – I can design it.  Here is Brynn’s Big Debut!



PRESENTING | Pictures on the Potomac

Another beautiful family captured for Christmas cards…dog included. This was a great photoshop feat as Chloe was sometimes a bit camera shy. Luckily I got enough of her looking at me in some pictures that I could make it work in the best pictures with a little head swapping action.

On a side note…I’m a bit envious of their neighborhood as all these beautiful locations we shot at are walking distance from their front door!  Maybe I can open a studio in there basement?  🙂


To be honest I was a little nervous about this pseudo Newborn Shoot as Baby Brynn was almost 2 months old. Newborns are best done within the first 2 weeks of life as that’s when they’ll be the sleepiest and least disturbed from all the posing and what not but my nerves were quickly put to ease as Brynn was so calm and cooperative even in her wakefulness…many times even staring right down the barrel of the lens. With those blue eyes…talk about a score!!   She was an absolute doll!!

PRESENTING | The Bold & Beautiful Beals

Love, Love, Loved this shoot. One, I love these people and they’re awesome kids. Two, it was freeeeezing outside and everybody including the kiddies toughed it out and smiled right on through it. Three, I loved the wardrobe and color choices for this one. Bold,  bright, and vibrant colors where everybody doesn’t totally “match” but everybody does totally “go”…does that make sense? Four, which maybe I should leave unsaid but I just can’t is that their little boy who must have been experiencing some serious bladder shrinkage, due to the cold, had to take not 1, not 2, but 3 potty breaks during this shoot. I couldn’t resist snapping one of his bare bum and full stream as we all looked on and laughed. So funny!!

PRESENTING | Apple Orchard Shoot

This year Thanksgiving was spent at Grandma & Grandpa’s in Washington State, where they have cherry, peach & apple orchards that go on as far as the eye can see. Truly one of my favorite places on this earth. This presented a great opportunity to get some pictures of my beautiful niece and to capture the whole family with breathtaking scenery we don’t see a lot of in the DC area. As usual Gia owned the shoot. She gave smiles, laughs, squenched nose shots and all sorts of other precious faces making this shoot one of my FAVORITES with some truly priceless shots that bring tears to my eyes. What a beautiful family…and they’re mine too. I am so blessed.