PRESENTING | Now That’s A Name

So what’s in a name? Well, with a name like Hunter Courreges I’d say among other things, character, strength and bravery…all things you’re probably going to want to have if you’re growing up with a big Lab and a Great Dane as your two closest playmates. Luckily he’s got all those PLUS he’s beautiful! Thanks so much to Jennifer & Wayne for letting me into their home and for their patience as I tried to capture my vision with the pups. I LOVE these images.


SALE | Old Navy’s President’s Day Sales 2012

Just dropping you another quick line with Old Navy’s LINK where you can get these Tee’s for just $5 and tons more is on sale!

SALE | Gap Kid’s Red White & Blue Event!

Just a quick note to let you know one of my favorite places for cute prop clothing,  Gap,  is having a fabulous President’s Day sale with unto 40% off  selected styles! Including these stunners that my niece may or may not be getting for her birthday next month!

Happy Shopping!

PRESENTING | Caleb’s Cake Shoot

Another one of my favorite type of shoots…the Cake Shoot! This one was a little bit different though as it was my first Cake shoot with a boy and I think I learned something. Boys are different than girls, where cakes are concerned, and perhaps in other ways as well. 🙂  In the past cake shoots I’ve done with girls you can usually see on their faces that they’re a little unsure about whats going on. Then when they figure out they get to eat the whole cake, they do so very calmly and neatly. Whereas with Caleb it was a bit of a different story. Being so excited after his first taste he reached into the cake grabbing fistfuls more with both hands then with so much thrill he proceeded to just shake his hands and arms over and over flinging cake and frosting everywhere!! Off the backdrop onto the carpet, the walls, us, everywhere…as he just shrieked and giggled with sheer joy. It was awesome. I’m pretty sure it took just 2 minutes for what was once a beautiful birthday cake to exist solely as crumbs all over the room. It was a great time but nobody enjoyed it more than the birthday boy.

PRESENTING | A Rustic Romance

The second this bride-to-be shared with me her vision for the wedding I began not only counting down the days until this Rustic-Antiquey style engagement shoot but also began surfing pinterest for inspiration and pulling every rustic or vintage item from my prop closet I saw and setting it aside; mason jars, ropes, lanterns, wood crates, candles, luggage, dresses, bow-ties, suspenders, hats, boots, flowers, baskets, and so on and so on…and that’s when juices started flowing and ideas for the shoot came together. We shot at 2 locations starting with some woods were we could set up a cozy little scene and as you’ll see below in part 2, some train tracks. Be ready to scroll. There are just too many pictures I can’t not share.

Part 2 – After storyboarding a bit back and forth we  knew we wanted train tracks so I google earthed the area and followed tracks on the map from the station to see where they went then drove to a couple spots before finding the perfect one. There was an area where the tracks were  surrounded by trees rather than buildings or houses and took a beautiful slight curve with just created amazing lines in the frame and I just knew this was the spot. And holy crap I’m obsessed with these!!!