PRESENTING | A Rustic Romance

The second this bride-to-be shared with me her vision for the wedding I began not only counting down the days until this Rustic-Antiquey style engagement shoot but also began surfing pinterest for inspiration and pulling every rustic or vintage item from my prop closet I saw and setting it aside; mason jars, ropes, lanterns, wood crates, candles, luggage, dresses, bow-ties, suspenders, hats, boots, flowers, baskets, and so on and so on…and that’s when juices started flowing and ideas for the shoot came together. We shot at 2 locations starting with some woods were we could set up a cozy little scene and as you’ll see below in part 2, some train tracks. Be ready to scroll. There are just too many pictures I can’t not share.

Part 2 – After storyboarding a bit back and forth we  knew we wanted train tracks so I google earthed the area and followed tracks on the map from the station to see where they went then drove to a couple spots before finding the perfect one. There was an area where the tracks were  surrounded by trees rather than buildings or houses and took a beautiful slight curve with just created amazing lines in the frame and I just knew this was the spot. And holy crap I’m obsessed with these!!!


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