PRESENTING | Caleb’s Cake Shoot

Another one of my favorite type of shoots…the Cake Shoot! This one was a little bit different though as it was my first Cake shoot with a boy and I think I learned something. Boys are different than girls, where cakes are concerned, and perhaps in other ways as well. 🙂  In the past cake shoots I’ve done with girls you can usually see on their faces that they’re a little unsure about whats going on. Then when they figure out they get to eat the whole cake, they do so very calmly and neatly. Whereas with Caleb it was a bit of a different story. Being so excited after his first taste he reached into the cake grabbing fistfuls more with both hands then with so much thrill he proceeded to just shake his hands and arms over and over flinging cake and frosting everywhere!! Off the backdrop onto the carpet, the walls, us, everywhere…as he just shrieked and giggled with sheer joy. It was awesome. I’m pretty sure it took just 2 minutes for what was once a beautiful birthday cake to exist solely as crumbs all over the room. It was a great time but nobody enjoyed it more than the birthday boy.


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