PRESENTING | Visitor’s From Across the Pond

Since February 18th I’ve been counting down the days until this shoot. That’s when some dear friends I met in Switzerland last summer emailed saying they’d be out here visiting family and wanted to do some portraits!

Well after weeks and weeks of anxiously waiting the day finally came! (and so did some swiss chocolate that I promptly inhaled) This shoot was sooo much fun, just as I knew it would be. Irene & Joerg are always a blast!! This time with them was especially neat to me as they shared with me the details of “their story”. How they came across one another several years after they’d initially met. Upon first meeting, they immediately had feelings for eachother but the feelings were kept to themselves as they lived in different countries. She gave him her address and hoped to hear from him and he sent postcards hoping to hear back but somehow the postcards weren’t received and therefore they weren’t returned and each figured the other wasn’t interested in them. So you can imagine their excitement to have a bit of a chance encounter one Easter weekend several years later. After being reunited and just a week or so of hanging out they knew they didn’t want to live another day without each other and that was that. Unbelievable right!?!  I can’t wait for their movie to come out! ; )

It’s been several years since that time but you wouldn’t know it when you’re around them as they’re as affectionate and in love as ever! It’s really a beautiful thing to be in the presence of.  It was my goal to capture they’re warm fun personalities as well as that love they feel for each other. I couldn’t be happier with these images…unless I was in Switzerland when I took them. I guess I’ll just have to go back!


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