Talk about a champ.  Little Sy, several weeks outside the 4-10 day window recommended for newborn sessions, was a delight!  Even after stripping him down and dressing him in hat after hat, he was still all smiles and eventually even gave us some of the precious sleeping pictures we’d hoped for!


PRESENTING | The Lion Sleeps Tonight

A much anticipated arrival has finally come! From this first set of pictures you can see that this little one had an entire army waiting in the wings to meet him, the sweet boy they’d been loving for the last 9 months(but it you ask me I’d say they’ve loved him much longer than that).

From this second set of images you can see both his sweetness and cuteness far surpassed what any of us could have imagined. My favorites of the entire session definitely being any and all where the lion hat is in play. I’d been holding off on using that hat knowing when baby Brady came he would turn it out…and as you can see, he did not disappoint.

PRESENTING | Back to the Basics

I just can’t get enough of this baby mama’s style…as I’m sure you all fell in love with as well when you saw her Maternity Shoot. This simple and natural in home setting gives such an intimate feel that really speaks to me. Though the shoot is essentially prop free the images have such a cozy and precious outcome. I couldn’t love them or this little guy more! Can you even stand his little nose and lips!  Too precious!

PRESENTING | Daddy’s Little Man

I’ve never thought of a necktie as being an oversized article of clothing, until we put one on a 10 day old baby that is. We thought it would be fun to put little J in one of his daddy’s many ties. I couldn’t believe how the tie appeared to just keep going and going forever when it laid beside his tiny body. I really started thinking this had to be the longest tie I’d ever seen in my life…so long in fact it didn’t fit in the frame. I was assured it was a normal sized tie and suppose it’s all just relative to the fact that little man is so teeny and precious. How do we start out so small?

COMING SOON | Boys, Boys, Boys!

Funny that just a couple months ago I was thinking to myself  “man, I’ve done tons of newborn sessions with little girls but so few with baby boys.”  No sooner than that crossed my mind 4 newborn sessions were booked and ALL BOYS!! Needless to say things have been pretty busy for me lately. Just a couple sneak peaks for now but here are some of the precious newborn sessions to be looking for in the next week or so!

PRESENTING | Justin Timberlake is Graduating!

Looking through my viewfinder I honestly could not get over this Seniors resemblance to Justin Timberlake. Uncanny! And would you believe when I that thought with him that he informed me he’d never been told that before! Not a bad doppleganger if you ask me!

Nick was super fun and easy to shoot, which is never expected when you’re working with a teenage boy. Funny though that with all the shots I take, my favorites are always the close crops on the face where you can really see their eyes sparkle. This shoot was no exception.