MY WORLD | Suckers, Smiles & Sunshine

I have been very busy lately. Too busy.  This week I took a quickie break from the pressing workload to spend some time with and spoil one of my favorite people in this world.  My niece Gia.  I am so glad I was able to sneak away for a bit to not only capture her sweetness in this summertime sunshine but to have her joyful smile uplift and energize me – the way it always seems to and in the way only IT can. Thanks my sweet G.


PRESENTING | Craziness at the Carnival

This was actually an unplanned and nearly spontaneous shoot believe it or not.  About 2 hours before we planned on meeting to hit up the local fair I had a thought…we should try and get some fun carnival type shots, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. To my delight Emily was game and Daniel, being the stud he is, was willing. : )   Despite the masses of people and multiple times I was yelled at for taking pictures on rides, blocking the lines and/or exit ramps, we still got some fun shots before the sun went down and we were escorted from the park(just kidding).

Here’s to supportive, willing, awesome, fun, gorgeous and GREAT friends! Thanks guys!


After weeks and weeks of postponing this session due to majorly uncooperative weather…we did it!!  Originally having big plans to head to the gorgeous Meadowlark botanical gardens facility, we switched it up and met at Vienna’s new Pavilion area, Vienna on the Green, where any given day you can go there to enjoy a book, beautiful scenery, ice cream, and live music.

Considering this is where they’ve laid their roots and watched their family grow.  We thought the simple and stunning park in the heart of downtown Vienna, would be a more fitting location for their final family portrait, before kids begin heading off to college this fall and the next phase of their family begins.  I’m so glad we did and really love how this special time is now captured in a special place.  The familiar heart of “their town”.

PRESENTING | Summer Portraits

This last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite families to do some summer portraits capturing this memorable time in their young family’s journey as sweet Penny rounds the final corner and will be turning one in just a couple months!  We met at frying pan park on a beautifully sunny afternoon. Though we were a little worried since the sun was scalding and we were nearing Penny’s nap time, in the end the backlight was beautiful and Penny was perfect.  So…as is always the case with this clan, the final product was more than I could have hoped for.