PRESENTING | Itty Bitty Baby Bump

This shoot is a little surreal. You might remember my friends Mckell & Brandon from their engagement pictures taken just last year.   Recently they shared their exciting news that a little one is on the way.  What a whirlwind the last year has been.  The weather has been so gorgeous lately we had to get out and take advantage of it…even though her belly is just itty bitty and I swear I had to photoshop it bigger in some of these images. : )

I love these two. I could not happier for them…or for myself with these awesome images we got. : ) Really some of my favorites!

Mckell's Maternities


2 responses

    • It’s in McLean right off Dolley Madison Blvd a mile or two before the GW parkway. I just saw it once driving and knew it would be a great place for pictures because of the gravel road and huge field. Truth is, I’m not exactly sure what it is? I think it’s a historic site or park called Salona. There’s a brick house on the back of the property that looks like a historic building and though I’ve seen cars parked there and occasionally an event going on, the times I’ve knocked I’ve never had anyone come to the door.

      Fingers crossed I’m allowed to even be on their property!


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