MY WORLD | Two Bums I Would Die For

So I know this isn’t a legit photo shoot picture but I can’t not share it and I’m not too old for “show and tell” right?

So…we were getting the girls ready for bath time and as they excitedly stood there watching the tub fill up I made a mad dash for my camera and am so glad I did. This moment is perfection. Say, with her rain boots still on -just standing there poking her bum and G, holding her toy whale ready for some bath time fun. Ahhhh, I could just die! I know I’m an overly obsessed aunt but are these not the cutest little bums you’ve ever seen!!


INSPIRATION | Dreamy Tones

I came across these first couple photos online and just stared awestruck for several minutes getting lost in their dreamy dreamy warm tones and captivating imagery.  I love how so much emotion and feeling can be in an image without even seeing a face which is usually what we use to express emotion and feeling. As mentioned previously the tones. Oh the tones, the tones, the tones. Somewhere in just about every image you can find all the colors of the rainbow and theres an etherial mystical feeling that brings…which I LOVE.  After much research I was finally able to track down the genius behind these beautiful images and found many more that I quickly fell in love with. Metin Demiralay, a Turkish photographer in Ankara is responsible for the following photographs. Enjoy!

Prop Hunting in Lucketts!

So I was feeling like I needed some new props and spotted some great Antique shops passing through Lucketts on the way to a friends wedding. I went back on Labor day and fell in love with almost everything on the lot.