PRESENTING | Look Who’s Turning 1

She’s not a tiny little newborn anymore…wow how time flies.  Just 12 short months ago I got this shot which immediately became the front of my newborn session business cards and remains one of my favorite images to this day.  [See more from Penny’s Newborn Session] As you’ll see in the not 1, not 2, but 3 storyboards below, that cover the pre and post aspects of a cake shoot along with the mess in between, she has gotten sweeter and sweeter with each passing day and still delivers shot after show stopping shot with her angelic, expressive, and precious little face…and personality!  

After convincing me they really really would not have any use for the tin tub that they’d just purchased the day before to use in this shoot they let me pack it into my trunk and bring it home to join my prop collection!!  So book your tub shoots now!!  Can’t wait!


MY WORLD | Suckers, Smiles & Sunshine

I have been very busy lately. Too busy.  This week I took a quickie break from the pressing workload to spend some time with and spoil one of my favorite people in this world.  My niece Gia.  I am so glad I was able to sneak away for a bit to not only capture her sweetness in this summertime sunshine but to have her joyful smile uplift and energize me – the way it always seems to and in the way only IT can. Thanks my sweet G.

PRESENTING | Summer Portraits

This last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite families to do some summer portraits capturing this memorable time in their young family’s journey as sweet Penny rounds the final corner and will be turning one in just a couple months!  We met at frying pan park on a beautifully sunny afternoon. Though we were a little worried since the sun was scalding and we were nearing Penny’s nap time, in the end the backlight was beautiful and Penny was perfect.  So…as is always the case with this clan, the final product was more than I could have hoped for.


Talk about a champ.  Little Sy, several weeks outside the 4-10 day window recommended for newborn sessions, was a delight!  Even after stripping him down and dressing him in hat after hat, he was still all smiles and eventually even gave us some of the precious sleeping pictures we’d hoped for!

PRESENTING | My Pigtailed Princess

This week I was craving some pigtails on this sweet girl. Once they were in it was clearly time to start snapping. I thought I’d share a few favorites of my pigtailed princess. Simple yet stunning.


PRESENTING | Caleb’s Cake Shoot

Another one of my favorite type of shoots…the Cake Shoot! This one was a little bit different though as it was my first Cake shoot with a boy and I think I learned something. Boys are different than girls, where cakes are concerned, and perhaps in other ways as well. 🙂  In the past cake shoots I’ve done with girls you can usually see on their faces that they’re a little unsure about whats going on. Then when they figure out they get to eat the whole cake, they do so very calmly and neatly. Whereas with Caleb it was a bit of a different story. Being so excited after his first taste he reached into the cake grabbing fistfuls more with both hands then with so much thrill he proceeded to just shake his hands and arms over and over flinging cake and frosting everywhere!! Off the backdrop onto the carpet, the walls, us, everywhere…as he just shrieked and giggled with sheer joy. It was awesome. I’m pretty sure it took just 2 minutes for what was once a beautiful birthday cake to exist solely as crumbs all over the room. It was a great time but nobody enjoyed it more than the birthday boy.

PRESENTING | Baby Browns Turns 1

You saw her leg warmer invitations and knew the day was coming but it has arrived. Now prepare for this sweet girls baby browns to melt ya! I wish we all could look so cute sitting in a diaper shoveling cake in our mouths by the handful. Can you imagine?!

Presenting | The Leg-warmer Princess

I love when a shoot get’s its inspiration from the subject themselves, as was the case with this leg warmers shoot. I’m beyond proud to say the precious girl in these photos is my little niece. I was watching her this week and when I went to get her up from a nap and saw her leg warmers I just thought, I love that my sister has her rocking leg warmers all the time. Then I realized we don’t really have any pictures of her in them and that is a travesty. Leg warmers are really this girls thing so I thought we’d do a fun shoot to surprise my sister with and to commemorate her turning one in just a couple weeks. I love all the expressions this little princess has and I know you will too so check out the shoot that little G inspired.

Presenting | What Makes A 9-Hour Car Ride Worth It

The Answer: Miss Saylie Shoes

I’ll start by saying this niece of mine is a shoe girl if I’ve ever known one. As soon as she could walk she’d walk from pair to pair to pair of shoes on the floor, put them on and strut her stuff. Whether they were gym shoes, flip flops or high heels has made no difference she loves them all and can maneuver in them all. When I saw a great pair of sparkly red shoes at Target I knew she’d light up when she saw them so naturally I sent them.

I dropped them off at the post office and immediately all I could think about was seeing her in them. A week or so later I was still thinking about it so the first long weekend I saw on the calendar was then spoken for and I was driving to Michigan. Just under 9 hours later I was there and look who was still up at 11:30pm to greet me, my little “Saylie Shoes” herself… in pair of high heel flip flops!

We made the most of the weekend and were sure to do a quickie shoot with those sparkly red ones I was dying to see her in. Needless to say the drive was worth it!

Presenting | Going Away Party for Saylie

So…my sister and brother-in-law moved out of state and much to my dismay they took my niece(their daughter) with them. The last day they were here in Virginia I decided to take Saylie to Frying Pan Park to show her the animals and have one last bit of crazy fun with her before our hang sessions get more and more staggered.
Saylie always surprises me with how fearless she is. Not once was she ever scared. With each new animal she saw she’d get more excited and greet them with a smile and a wave.

Presenting | Saylie Bear Turns 1!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I took this picture of my little Say Bear!

Last week we stuffed ourselves with fruity pebble treats, Cheddar Goldfish, mini PB&J sandwiches, and cupcakes galore celebrating my nieces 1st birthday in style. No 1st birthday party is complete without letting the birthday babe go hog wild on their own cake…am I right? So true to the birthday tradition we set her cake in front of her and let her have at it!

Presenting | A Fairy Princess

YAY! I finally got to meet Kailyn Joy, my Goddaughter! Living on the opposite coast as this little one has had me counting down the days for this trip and it didn’t take me long to strip her down, get some wings on her and show her how its gonna go when we get to spend time together. : ) She’s such a sweetie as you can easily see. Her expressions show her sweetness is right there at the surface at any given moment.

Check out these eyes! Not only is the color and clarity amazing…but those lashes! Rarely do I see baby girls with long lashes like this…it always seems the boys get em…SO UNFAIR!

Presenting | The Cutest Little Lady

Meet Addison…the apple of all the eyes that get a glance of her royal cuteness. Including yours…am I right? This was another fun shoot at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. To mix it up and avoid disaster we kept this shoot in the brush and off the beach and I’m really thrilled with the results!

Presenting | Petey & Joy

Just knowing her name was Joy had me all convinced I already knew her somehow. It’s a name she shares with my dear Grandmother and is the “J” in Cerina J. Photography so needless to say I was super excited to meet her and to do her son Petey’s 6 month session. He turned out to be the perfect model; all smiles from the moment I introduced myself…and his little teeth couldn’t be more perfectly placed. What a charmer! Totally living up to her name, Joy was a true pleasure to work with and a natural mother as well.

Watching her with her son really struck me and quickly the shoot that was intended to capture Petey around the 6 month mark evolved into an opportunity to capture the beautiful bond of mother and child.

Presenting | Meeting Katelena

This blue eyed beauty is as sweet and charming as her beautiful name. Pronounced Cat-Elena, she’s named after her mothers Godmother Kat & her Grandmother Elena.
This little one has a special place in my heart and I am so grateful I finally got to meet her. Congratulations Joanna & Rick!

Presenting | Miss Amberleigh & Tyler

First of all, my friends have the most beautiful babies. I’m so lucky that one of them is my Godson. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of him and his precious 10 month old sister for a ling time and was thrilled to finally get the chance. The opportunity didn’t come without it’s challenges…T, who we’re convinced is on his way to becoming the class clown was the goofiest and fastest moving I’ve ever seen him.  Check out these cuties…do they not take your breath away?

PRESENTING | Florida Shoots

I’ve been looking forward to this shoot for a long time! Pretty much since the day this boy was born and it was everything I’d hoped and more. I think it was more because of how sweet and charming Grant is. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take pictures of him and more thrilled just to finally meet the boy!

There were perfect location spots all over but it ended up being a one stop shoot with the awesome field and abandoned road less than a quarter mile from the house. Grant was a true blue country boy, running on the road and around in the grass without shoes on. It was great and the shots turned out awesome! Here are a few favorites.

Then Erin and I did a shoot of our own. I got a little carried away with the Egyptian Princess idea but Erin was a great sport!