After weeks and weeks of postponing this session due to majorly uncooperative weather…we did it!!  Originally having big plans to head to the gorgeous Meadowlark botanical gardens facility, we switched it up and met at Vienna’s new Pavilion area, Vienna on the Green, where any given day you can go there to enjoy a book, beautiful scenery, ice cream, and live music.

Considering this is where they’ve laid their roots and watched their family grow.  We thought the simple and stunning park in the heart of downtown Vienna, would be a more fitting location for their final family portrait, before kids begin heading off to college this fall and the next phase of their family begins.  I’m so glad we did and really love how this special time is now captured in a special place.  The familiar heart of “their town”.


PRESENTING | Summer Portraits

This last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite families to do some summer portraits capturing this memorable time in their young family’s journey as sweet Penny rounds the final corner and will be turning one in just a couple months!  We met at frying pan park on a beautifully sunny afternoon. Though we were a little worried since the sun was scalding and we were nearing Penny’s nap time, in the end the backlight was beautiful and Penny was perfect.  So…as is always the case with this clan, the final product was more than I could have hoped for.

PRESENTING | The Blissful Bambricks

This week I met a family I was truly inspired and touched by. After several months in Ethiopia waiting out the adoption process the Bambricks were finally able to bring their son and daughter home and as you can see, home for these little ones is wherever their mom and dad are. I swear when I was taking pictures of the four of them together, getting the babies to look at me and smile was a little bit of work.  Whereas when we were doing solo shots and they could see their parents or be held by their parents, the smiles were free flowing and nonstop. The love existing in this family not only transcends blood and dna but thrives and inspires. Thank you Bambricks for sharing with me the beauty that is your family.

PRESENTING | Pictures on the Potomac

Another beautiful family captured for Christmas cards…dog included. This was a great photoshop feat as Chloe was sometimes a bit camera shy. Luckily I got enough of her looking at me in some pictures that I could make it work in the best pictures with a little head swapping action.

On a side note…I’m a bit envious of their neighborhood as all these beautiful locations we shot at are walking distance from their front door!  Maybe I can open a studio in there basement?  🙂

PRESENTING | The Bold & Beautiful Beals

Love, Love, Loved this shoot. One, I love these people and they’re awesome kids. Two, it was freeeeezing outside and everybody including the kiddies toughed it out and smiled right on through it. Three, I loved the wardrobe and color choices for this one. Bold,  bright, and vibrant colors where everybody doesn’t totally “match” but everybody does totally “go”…does that make sense? Four, which maybe I should leave unsaid but I just can’t is that their little boy who must have been experiencing some serious bladder shrinkage, due to the cold, had to take not 1, not 2, but 3 potty breaks during this shoot. I couldn’t resist snapping one of his bare bum and full stream as we all looked on and laughed. So funny!!

PRESENTING | Apple Orchard Shoot

This year Thanksgiving was spent at Grandma & Grandpa’s in Washington State, where they have cherry, peach & apple orchards that go on as far as the eye can see. Truly one of my favorite places on this earth. This presented a great opportunity to get some pictures of my beautiful niece and to capture the whole family with breathtaking scenery we don’t see a lot of in the DC area. As usual Gia owned the shoot. She gave smiles, laughs, squenched nose shots and all sorts of other precious faces making this shoot one of my FAVORITES with some truly priceless shots that bring tears to my eyes. What a beautiful family…and they’re mine too. I am so blessed.

PRESENTING | Fall Leaves and Family Love

What a beautiful family. Each individually and all of them accumulatively, wouldn’t you agree?  This was a fun shoot at Cabell’s Mill where the fall leaves were glowing and the family love was gleaming. I couldn’t be happier with the shots we got; some with benches and walls, others with stone and trees, or the leaves and water. All great shots but as always my favorites are the ones with out any of those things. My favorite will always be the one cropped in the tightest around a face with sparkling eyes and I’m sure after looking at the pictures below the kids solos will be your favorites too. Their eyes just shine. I should’ve titled this one Denim and Diamonds… in their eyes. 🙂

PRESENTING | An Annapolis Field Trip

I’ve always heard how beautiful Annapolis is and last weekend I got to see for myself. It is awesome. It’s hip and urban but somehow still quaint and charming. Look to one side and see the water and marina’s and on the other side there’s cute buildings, cafe’s, bright alleyways and horse buggy’s. The perfect setting for a shoot with a new feel.  I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t’ don’t enough shoots with this urban look – I LOVE these images…particularly the center image that was taken thanks to Cami coming prepared with her own ideas and props! Cami, you’re the best!

PRESENTING | A Family’s Farewell

What a brave family. With their big move to Indiana coming up NEXT week and half their belongings in boxes they went ahead and booked a shoot hoping to capture their family’s time here Virginia before the moving truck pulled out heading for the corn fields. We shot at a Historic Virginia site, The Sully Plantation and got some great shots. What a beautiful family! Many of us are sad to see them go.

Presenting | Super Fun Blast From the Past!

I was so excited when I was contacted by a friend I played softball with and went to high school with over a decade ago! The excitement escalated when she asked if I’d take pictures of her cute little family. Just when I thought I was at my limit I saw a picture of her ADORABLE 14 month old girl and my heart just started pumping with excitement for our shoot!

Presenting | The Beautiful Backdrop that is Utah

Pretty much everywhere you look in Utah is gonna be gorgeous so finding the right spot for the DeMordaunt Family Christmas card picture took all of a 5 minute drive.
The way the sun was setting over the point of the mountain just lent itself perfectly to some stunning silhouette shots that I am crazy about! We really couldn’t have planned for all the elements to come together any more perfectly!

Presenting | The Magic of Motherhood

Had a ball getting together with a good friend to capture the magic of motherhood. She’s expecting her third and felt that pregnancy and motherhood are such a huge part of her life that she wanted to capture the emotions that come with these fleeting times.
This one is a ball to photograph…over flowing with enthusiasm, emotion, and expression. Check out those eyes.
A sweet moment between superman and supermom.

Presenting | Friends with Beautiful Children

Have I mentioned my friends always seem to have the most beautiful children? I’m so lucky. I was so excited to hear from Natalie and even more thrilled when she was calling wanting to do pictures of her kids in their Easter outfits. We quickly picked a date and it couldn’t come fast enough. As always the kids were their wonderful, happy and loving selves and were a true joy to shoot and just to be around…plus I can’t get enough of Porter calling me his “pretty friend”.
We got together again the next week when mom and dad could jump in too and I’m SO glad we did. I’m really proud of these next pictures…I know we were outside when I took these and they knew I was there taking them but anyone who knows this family knows this is exactly what you’d see peeking in their window on any given evening…this is just who they are and it’s so beautiful. I love these pictures.

Presenting | Another Favorite Family

I was so excited I was able to squeeze this shoot in before heading out to Hawaii. We’d been talking about it and scheduling for it but the days and the weather were not cooperating. We finally got together on the most beautiful Sunday and everything aligned just right. We had a great time over at the pond. As always Laurie came through with the kids dressed impeccably. It doesn’t get much cuter than this.
I’d been wanting to do something with balloons or bubbles for awhile and thought this might be a good opportunity to give it a try. I knew they’d all be wearing black white and red so I picked up some white and red balloons on the way over and it seemed to be a hit. More adorable expressions…I can’t get enough of these kids.
I love this family.
Thanks for letting me take your pictures!!

Presenting | A Favorite Family

A fun session this week with some great friends. They chose Sully Plantation to do the photos and it is now my new favorite location. Great scenery with trees and trails. The textures of brick buildings, log cabins and wood stairs. SO GREAT! What was even better was the subjects. What a beautiful family. See for yourself.