PRESENTING | Backyard Beauties

Who says you need to barns and fences and fields and buildings and walls for great pictures. With beauties like these all you need is a backyard. We had trees, grass, leaves and even lucked out with a couple deer making a little cameo in the background bokeh of  the images with Lucas. Can you spot them?

P.S. Check out the green and red shoes…do you feel a christmas card coming? How adorable!


PRESENTING | Back to School Dress-Me-Up Shoot

Meet two of my new favorite cuties who you’ll see featured below in my FAVORITE Dress-Me-Up Shoot to date! This was a 2 phaser with the first theme being fall and the second targeting Back to School. Fun props and beautiful Children are always a winning combination. There were just too many cute shots I couldn’t cut from the storyboards so be ready for some scrolling!

Presenting | “If You Buy It, They Will Come”

I’ve been dreaming of taking these two kiddies pictures for awhile now…it got to the point that every outfit or prop I was buying had to be in their sizes and their faces were always in my mind. I put all my faith in the old saying, “if you buy it, they will come” and I am thrilled to report that the saying is TRUE!!
The opportunity came and it was really a dream come true and so much fun!

Presenting | Miss Anna Simone!

Watch out world here comes Miss Anna Simone! First off, is that a name or is that a name? Anna Simone. I just love it. This photo shoot was so fun!!!! Anna was looking for some head shots to help further her career in Musical Theater. We found some good spots around town and easily had dozens of great images in just a few minutes.
Here’s her celebratory jump that the shoot was finally over!! She was such a great sport posing it up for hours in the freezing cold. Thanks Anna what a fun shoot!

Presenting | Calling All Superheroes!

Last week one of my wildest dreams came true! I was surrounded by dozens of beautiful children adorned with capes, glitter, paint, balloon weapons, and superhero attitudes as I photographed a superhero Birthday Party! What a blast!

Presenting | Grant’s First Trip to the Train Tracks

Grant loves him some trains so we thought taking him to see real train tracks for the first time would be a fun shoot location and a nice change of pace for him from his dozens and dozens of Thomas train sets.
He’s on Grandpa’s shoulders and spots something on the ground so of course they need to stop and investigate. We weren’t to the tracks yet where the shoot would technically “start” but when I turned to see what the hold up was the light came through the trees just right so…train tracks or no train tracks, the photo shoot began.
It’s a good thing we just got going cause look at all these great ones we got on the way.

Presenting | I’m Thankful For Photoshop!

I had such a fun photo shoot recently. Photo shoots with one kid are a blast but times that by 5 with 4 of the 5 being boys…fun overload! There were moments mid-leaf/hay fight I’d remember I was supposed to be taking pictures and not throwing props in the air or at peoples children!
We ended up with some great solos of these cousins but as was expected with 5 kids under the age of 5, finding shots with all of them looking the same direction, let alone at me, were few and far between.
This is why over the Thanksgiving Holiday I would like to express thanks to Adobe for creating photoshop, this great tool that allows me to face swap heads from various shots onto bodies in the shot to get beautiful images like this one. Look at these munchkins! I think Grandma will love her Christmas present!

Presenting | The Beautiful Backdrop that is Utah

Pretty much everywhere you look in Utah is gonna be gorgeous so finding the right spot for the DeMordaunt Family Christmas card picture took all of a 5 minute drive.
The way the sun was setting over the point of the mountain just lent itself perfectly to some stunning silhouette shots that I am crazy about! We really couldn’t have planned for all the elements to come together any more perfectly!

Presenting | The “Oozing of Emotion” Factor

Nearing the top of the list of reasons children are the greatest things in this world and I aspire to be more like them is what I call the “Oozing of Emotion Factor.” I love that kids are all about their feelings and that they just own them completely as demonstrated below through the body language and deep telling eyes of Rachelle. Whether it’s her uneasiness with the camera’s presence at first, the shock and hurt feelings from a comment her cousin made about her beloved stuffed dog, or her desire to just soak everything in, she’s so alive and overflowing with emotion…and I just can’t get enough of those eyes!
I think I feel a new business card coming on!

Presenting | My New Favorite Model

So we had to do some of the photo shoots at the beach but we couldn’t do all of them there. I remembered some amazing corn fields I’d spotted on the way into Nags Head so we drove about 15 minutes back out and over the bridge to a spot I thought would set the scene for a fun shoot with Tanner.
We also pulled over at some cool antique shops with vintage stuff on the lots that lent themselves well to this wool pinstripe vest I’ve been dying to use. Tanner lent himself well to vest too!!! He was such a doll to shoot and was so adorably as in love with this brown vest as I was that he asked if he could keep it after the shoot. Being the sucker that I am for raspy voices…I am now back on the lookout for a cute vintage vest…let me know if see anything!

Presenting | The Magic of Motherhood

Had a ball getting together with a good friend to capture the magic of motherhood. She’s expecting her third and felt that pregnancy and motherhood are such a huge part of her life that she wanted to capture the emotions that come with these fleeting times.
This one is a ball to photograph…over flowing with enthusiasm, emotion, and expression. Check out those eyes.
A sweet moment between superman and supermom.

Presenting | Friends with Beautiful Children

Have I mentioned my friends always seem to have the most beautiful children? I’m so lucky. I was so excited to hear from Natalie and even more thrilled when she was calling wanting to do pictures of her kids in their Easter outfits. We quickly picked a date and it couldn’t come fast enough. As always the kids were their wonderful, happy and loving selves and were a true joy to shoot and just to be around…plus I can’t get enough of Porter calling me his “pretty friend”.
We got together again the next week when mom and dad could jump in too and I’m SO glad we did. I’m really proud of these next pictures…I know we were outside when I took these and they knew I was there taking them but anyone who knows this family knows this is exactly what you’d see peeking in their window on any given evening…this is just who they are and it’s so beautiful. I love these pictures.

Presenting | A Hawaiian Princess

Okay, I’ve been looking forward to this day since the first time I saw Hanale’s daughter on Facebook. She is the cutest little girl ever! Each time they came over and I got to know her better just made me want to take her photo more and more. Getting some time with her quickly became one of my major “to do” items while here.

The day I arrived in Hawaii I began making mental notes of all the beautiful places I could take her for the shoot. Hanale and Erica were great to let me pick her up one afternoon after school and I was thrilled to take her to almost all of them! We started in Waikiki, then went up to a park in Manoa, next to Maunawili Falls, then this great fence I’d been obsessing over for months, next we hit up the Quarry, Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach.
We finished with some lollipops and a cookie pit stop since Erihana was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! She really was the perfect model. Reminding me several times she knew what she was doing since she’d been “practicing her poses.” What a doll! So 3 hours and 4 wardrobe changes later we were done and with some amazing shots in hand.