PRESENTING | Itty Bitty Baby Bump

This shoot is a little surreal. You might remember my friends Mckell & Brandon from their engagement pictures taken just last year.   Recently they shared their exciting news that a little one is on the way.  What a whirlwind the last year has been.  The weather has been so gorgeous lately we had to get out and take advantage of it…even though her belly is just itty bitty and I swear I had to photoshop it bigger in some of these images. : )

I love these two. I could not happier for them…or for myself with these awesome images we got. : ) Really some of my favorites!

Mckell's Maternities



Talk about a champ.  Little Sy, several weeks outside the 4-10 day window recommended for newborn sessions, was a delight!  Even after stripping him down and dressing him in hat after hat, he was still all smiles and eventually even gave us some of the precious sleeping pictures we’d hoped for!

PRESENTING | The Lion Sleeps Tonight

A much anticipated arrival has finally come! From this first set of pictures you can see that this little one had an entire army waiting in the wings to meet him, the sweet boy they’d been loving for the last 9 months(but it you ask me I’d say they’ve loved him much longer than that).

From this second set of images you can see both his sweetness and cuteness far surpassed what any of us could have imagined. My favorites of the entire session definitely being any and all where the lion hat is in play. I’d been holding off on using that hat knowing when baby Brady came he would turn it out…and as you can see, he did not disappoint.

PRESENTING | Back to the Basics

I just can’t get enough of this baby mama’s style…as I’m sure you all fell in love with as well when you saw her Maternity Shoot. This simple and natural in home setting gives such an intimate feel that really speaks to me. Though the shoot is essentially prop free the images have such a cozy and precious outcome. I couldn’t love them or this little guy more! Can you even stand his little nose and lips!  Too precious!

PRESENTING | Daddy’s Little Man

I’ve never thought of a necktie as being an oversized article of clothing, until we put one on a 10 day old baby that is. We thought it would be fun to put little J in one of his daddy’s many ties. I couldn’t believe how the tie appeared to just keep going and going forever when it laid beside his tiny body. I really started thinking this had to be the longest tie I’d ever seen in my life…so long in fact it didn’t fit in the frame. I was assured it was a normal sized tie and suppose it’s all just relative to the fact that little man is so teeny and precious. How do we start out so small?

COMING SOON | Boys, Boys, Boys!

Funny that just a couple months ago I was thinking to myself  “man, I’ve done tons of newborn sessions with little girls but so few with baby boys.”  No sooner than that crossed my mind 4 newborn sessions were booked and ALL BOYS!! Needless to say things have been pretty busy for me lately. Just a couple sneak peaks for now but here are some of the precious newborn sessions to be looking for in the next week or so!

PRESENTING | Intimate In-home Maternities

Oh my gosh I’m so obsessed with these right now I can’t stand it! I’ve been wanting to do a shoot like this for awhile now where it’s an intimate in-home setting but there are always so many issues to consider – having enough light, space, the right decor, etc. Well the stars were all aligned for this shoot and it was amazing! Starting with the beautiful mom-to-be being a PERFECT subject to photograph. Add an immaculately decorated home and tons of huge windows offering an abundance of natural light and voila! I feel like Heather Locklear was expecting and I was hired by Vogue to get a spread of  images for an interview they have with her about the pregnancy. Thank you Brittany for giving me some of my favorite images of all time!

PRESENTING | Hoping for a Red-Head

I’ve been wanting to photograph a super duper red head kid for a very very long time and so far I haven’t been able to find me one. Though the mom-to-be’s hair has lightened over time to more of a strawberry blond tone, know that growing up it was some seriously strikingly gorgeous red hair. Some seriously strikingly gorgeous red hair that I’m now hoping will be among the many great qualities and characteristics that her lucky baby boy will be blessed to inherit from his mom.

I can’t tell you how much I love this boy already or how much I think about everything I’m going to dress him up as for pictures once he’s born so stay tuned for a newborn session coming soon with what I know will be one of the most adorable, most precious and most loved babies ever to enter this world!

PRESENTING | Now That’s A Name

So what’s in a name? Well, with a name like Hunter Courreges I’d say among other things, character, strength and bravery…all things you’re probably going to want to have if you’re growing up with a big Lab and a Great Dane as your two closest playmates. Luckily he’s got all those PLUS he’s beautiful! Thanks so much to Jennifer & Wayne for letting me into their home and for their patience as I tried to capture my vision with the pups. I LOVE these images.

PRESENTING | Christmas Came Early for Me

For me Christmas came early this year, December 6th to be precise. That’s when the much anticipated arrival of these two treasures finally came and they did not disappoint. I’d had ideas for this shoot for months some even involved perfecting my carpentry skills and building a sleigh as you’ll see in the Christmas portion of their shoot…luckily when my woodworking skills failed to deliver, my father’s didn’t and I was bailed out and given the perfect Santa sleigh for his exhausted reindeer to nap in.

This shoot was amazing. For many reasons. One, I get this high from seeing images that have only existed in my mind then exist in digital print form for the world to see. So the pay off of seeing the perfect antler looking twigs I hunter for forever resting on the heads of these two sweeties was priceless. Two, you may notice how smiley these guys are when they’re together. That was NOT photoshop! The best way we could calm Berkeley down when she wasn’t too excited about having her picture taken was to lay her brother Chase down next to her. Without fail, each time they were placed close enough to cuddle they were so calm, peaceful, and happy. It was an amazing and beautiful beautiful experience for me. Thanks so much to Elisa & Danny for letting me practically move in for a day and put their newborns in suitcases, pea pods, suspenders, and even antlers. You’re the best!


To be honest I was a little nervous about this pseudo Newborn Shoot as Baby Brynn was almost 2 months old. Newborns are best done within the first 2 weeks of life as that’s when they’ll be the sleepiest and least disturbed from all the posing and what not but my nerves were quickly put to ease as Brynn was so calm and cooperative even in her wakefulness…many times even staring right down the barrel of the lens. With those blue eyes…talk about a score!!   She was an absolute doll!!

PRESENTING | The Lumberjack Baby

Probably the most patient baby ever. My heart broke for baby Colton who was several weeks old at the time of this shoot which means he old enough that he’s awake and aware that he’s having his clothes changed over and over, being put in baskets, and taken out of baskets, hats on, hats off, etc. He’s also old enough to know he doesn’t like it. We took a couple breaks for him to get some comfort from Mama but pretty soon we had sweet surrender and got money shot after money shot of this precious baby boy.

PRESENTING | Twins On Board

Brace yourselves for this. This skinny-minny just bones and a belly is expecting not 1 but 2 little ones in just 6 weeks! I know, I know, I know she looks just amazing-has the glow and all! Unbelievable!

I swear when I first heard they were expecting twins the wheels in head started spinning at 5000 rpm and 24/7 I was either shopping on etsy or sketching out things to build for my shoot with not 1 but 2 little angels…due just before CHRISTMAS!! Can you imagine my excitement?! Stay tuned!!! I can’t wait!!!

I couldn’t be happier with how these images turned out, though I’m not surprised, theirs are always favorites of mine. You may recognize them from a shoot we did this last spring.

Presenting | Baby Addison

I love when parents book their newborn sessions within the first 10 days of the new baby’s life. It’s almost guaranteeing the baby will be calm, sleepy, easy to work with and almost unaware of whats going on. Sweet Addison makes her case for this argument with these stunning images.

She was just 7 days old and seemed completely unaware of the fact that she’s just about naked, she’s being put in and out of bowls, cocoons, diaper covers, headbands. She’s unaffected by the clicking sound of the shutter over and over right in her face and even her 2 big sisters playing in the other room. She was as calm as could be and even flashed us her gorgeous blue eyes from time to time. I was definitely spoiled with a perfect little model today!

Presenting | Pretty Penny

Wouldn’t you just know that after preparing the new mother for a typical newborn session that sometimes lasts up to 5 hours, her baby’s would be done in less than 2!! Penny slept the entire time, never fussed from being undressed, never fussed to be fed, never relieved herself on the props or backdrops, and held every pose without so much as flinching!!  Holy cow, this newborn session was an anomaly!

Penny was an absolute delight and made it easy to get dozens of amazing shots like these!

PRESENTING | Tiffany & Chris are Having a Baby!

Last week I had a great shoot with a Mom & Dad to Be that are awesome.  We shot at Meadowlark gardens in Vienna where the possibilities are endless. From ponds to trees, to flowers,  hills,  bridges, gazebos and more but what stole many of the shots was not the scenery but the prepared parents who came dressed for the camera’s and brought along some props of their own from their unborn baby’s book collection. Talk about adorable! A special thanks to Elisa & Danny for sending some fun and sweet new people my wayl!

Presenting | Posing Like a Pro!

Oh my gosh…one month old and somehow still an ANGEL to shoot! I was a little nervous going into this session as newborn sessions get the best results the younger the baby is, ideally the baby would be between 4-7 days old. So I was a little nervous knowing Cole was already several weeks old. I couldn’t have been more surprised at what an absolute doll he was. So cooperative, so patient and so calm throughout…and man did it pay off!! These are some of my all time favorite newborn pix ever!!