PRESENTING | Samantha, The Stunning Senior

Generally I try not to have overwhelming amounts of images and/or scrolling involved in any single post but since I can’t bear to eliminate a single additional image from these storyboards this time is going to be an exception, as was my last post about Penny.  : )    It seriously just took me over an hour to narrow the original number of pictures I wanted to include in this post, to these 19 (which I know is still a crazy number considering it’s just shy of the total amount I typically edit and present following a shoot) but you’ll see why its been so hard in a second…

Recently I had the opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while and that is shoot one of my bestie’s little sister, who begins her senior year next week!  Thanks to her fresh style, fun easy going personality and willingness to not only do anything but let me dress her in anything, including my grandpa’s old belt, not to mention her beautiful blonde hair, huge expressive brown eyes, and sweet smile, the images she gave me were better than I’d ever hoped for.  Thanks Samantha, you’re a stunner!


Presenting | ON LOCK DOWN!

Like most first timers visiting San Francisco, Alcatraz was at the top of my sites list….well truth be told, it was second…right after the Jelly Belly Factory. Okay fine, it was third…after the Jelly Belly Factory and Facebook Head Quarters but that’s beside the point.
The point is Alcatraz was awesome! The buildings were awesome, the stories were awesome, the scenery was awesome, and the photoshoot we did in an open cell with our new prisoner T’s from the gift shop, as dozens of tourists passed pointing and laughing at us, was…AWESOME!

Presenting | Beauty and the Bad Guy

Took a fun trip to NYC last week to do some head shot type photo shoots. First was Jill. Ever the natural. A natural entertainer, a natural in front of the camera, and with 2 day old hair and next to no make up…a natural BEAUTY. After a quick wardrobe change we headed to the roof to show off her hot sassy side…and her new shoes.
Then we have Chris. I have to say, I debated this post being “Beauty and the Babe” but his look just screams that the role he was born to play was that of the Bad Guy. Knowing this we tailored his shoot to show his dark side.

Presenting | Forty and Fabulous!

I love this woman.

I’m sure Behdis appreciates the title of this post having her age in it. : ) I feel justified in stating it though because not only do I know you all are as shocked as I was when I found out (since she looks amazing) but also because we’ll all read it anyway when she’s featured in some local magazines spotlighting the journeys and triumphs of various women turning forty. Hers is sure to stand out.
From the first email I received from Behdis, simply stated, I was intrigued…you’d think it was because I was given the opportunity to shoot pictures that would be published in a magazine but really the more I got to know about her the more anxious I became to meet her in person and to read the full story. Born and raised in Iran she survived war there through her high school years until she left for the US in 1989. She’s gone on to be very successful in her career, raise a wonderful bright daughter, and recently added Breast Cancer Survivor to her list of achievements. Truly an amazing woman I can’t wait to know more about. Keep your eyes peeled(mine will be) for more pictures of this beautiful in New Jersey’s Star Ledger and Local New York City Papers.

Presenting | Sunrise Shoot in Chi-Town

Here are some shots from a fun shoot we did in Chicago. I’ve always wanted to a sunrise shoot and on opportunity to do one with Lake Michigan was not an opportunity I was going to let pass by. Here Whitney and I are trying to get ready and beat the sunrise to the Lake.
Luckily we did! This is my favorite we got with the water.

The lighting was just killer and made for some more amazing beauty shots in cool nooks we found around the pier.

For those of you familiar with Chicago you probably recognize the Ferris Wheel from Navy Pier. We were lucky to have got some fun shots there on the fair grounds before Security’s first shift of the day started showing up.

Upon request our driver found us some cool sketchy alley ways that made for sweet shots with a GREAT urban feel.
You can see him waiting anxiously in the background there…prepping to give us the “wrap it up” signal if trouble was coming.

Presenting | Beach Babes!

It’s been the summer of the Outer Banks for me and I am NOT complaining! On the most recent trip down I had the opportunity to do an “America’s Next Top Model” Themed shoot where these gorgeous girls were able to practice their fiercest poses. Watch out Tyra!

Presenting | “Heather to the Principals Office”

Heather is always a good time to be around but doing a shoot with her was above and beyond for me. She was so open to my silly ideas and willing to try anything. I can’t speak for both of us but as for myself I had a blast and am thrilled with these gorgeous shots. Congrats Heather on your College Graduation and best of luck on your pursuit in becoming a Principal! Look out world!!

PRESENTING | She should be on a CD Cover

This was another great trip. Here are some fun shots from the shoot in Sugarhouse. Jen was the perfect model and made my job so easy. We found some great backdrops on a golf course that was closed due to the snow.

I especially love this one. It’s very Cd coveresque. I keep telling her to let me know when her album comes out since we’ve pretty much got the CD booklet ready.

PRESENTING | Florida Shoots

I’ve been looking forward to this shoot for a long time! Pretty much since the day this boy was born and it was everything I’d hoped and more. I think it was more because of how sweet and charming Grant is. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take pictures of him and more thrilled just to finally meet the boy!

There were perfect location spots all over but it ended up being a one stop shoot with the awesome field and abandoned road less than a quarter mile from the house. Grant was a true blue country boy, running on the road and around in the grass without shoes on. It was great and the shots turned out awesome! Here are a few favorites.

Then Erin and I did a shoot of our own. I got a little carried away with the Egyptian Princess idea but Erin was a great sport!