NEWS | The Deal is “Sealed”

It’s official. A few weeks ago Justin & I were sealed in the Washington DC Temple. Aside from the 95 degree weather that felt like 105 degrees. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

C& J temple_2.11-b

I wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight our AMAZING wedding photographer and friend, Alyssa Saylor of Alyssa Saylor Photography who is responsible for all of the stunning pictures below.

I met Alyssa at a photography workshop I attended 2 years ago in Asheville North Carolina. I think we both came in search of similar things and I felt immediately drawn to her. During a portion of the workshop we each shared some of our own work and I fell in love with her vintage inspired photography style and knew that when/if I ever got married I wanted her to do our pictures.  In fact, after we got engaged and set the date, with all the arrangements that needed to be made, the first thing and BEST THING I did was contact Alyssa. It was an answered prayer that she was available on our date and made the trip in from Tennessee to photograph our wedding! A HUGE and unexpected bonus was that another girl we met at that workshop, Jenny Carroll (as ever photography), came in from Utah as a second shooter. SO AWESOME!!

They did an amazing job taking control of and managing our HUGE families and wedding party, while still capturing the special moments and little details happening all around.  Here are some of the images we’ll cherish forever.

Wedding Board1a

Wedding Board2a


NEWS | Engaged!

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d pop on to share some exciting news and fun new pictures.  I’m engaged!

We’ve set a quick date for this September and are hustling to get arrangements made and invitations in the mail. We wanted to include an engagement photo but each time we’d set out to take pictures they just never seemed right. I SOOOOOO prefer to be behind the camera and not in front of it and it was getting more and more apparent with each shoot we did.  They all seemed so stiff and awkward. I seemed so stiff and awkward rather.

I finally realized for me to loosen up I was going to have to change the feel of the shoot to be something less formal and more fun…the problem was I WANTED the pictures to feel formal. Getting married is a big deal. Anyway, here’s what we came up with.

PHotostrip Large1

Justin was a great sport about this shoot…and every other shoot preceding this one, that I made him do, in search of the perfect images. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not very traditional…but neither are we. I love them.

CJP sized with border

Funny unexpected side note: So many people mistook our wedding announcement as an announcement that we were expecting (until they READ it of course). In hindsight I can see how blue and pink cotton candy could be misleading. I see an exciting birth announcement in our future though!

NEWS | Off to Asheville for the Wildflowers Workshop!

The eve has come!  Tomorrow I leave for Asheville North Carolina to attend the workshop of one of my favorite photographers ever, the renowned and highly sought after, Joy Harmon Prouty of Wildflowers Photography; featured in/by Parenting Magazine, The Maternal Lens, Reverie Blog, and Access Hollywood as she’s the choice family photographer of celebs including Minnie Driver.

I’ve been following her worked for a couple years now and am continually inspired and constantly in awe of the creativity she brings as well as the beauty, whimsy, and “freeness” (is that a word?) she so effortlessly captures in her sessions. See for yourself in these images of hers from just a few of my favorite sessions.

WHAAAAAT!!!?? I’m sure now you can understand both why tonight feels like Christmas Eve and why I’ve been acting like a giddy child counting down the days. From delving into the “how to’s” of creating themed shoots that really tell a story, to exploring the antique shops of Asheville, to gaining insights into better balancing it all, I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow! So excited!

Tune in soon for pictures from the Wildflowers Workshop and our themed shoots, including a “cowboys & Indians” family session!!

AHHHHH!! I’m never gonna fall asleep tonight

MY WORLD | Suckers, Smiles & Sunshine

I have been very busy lately. Too busy.  This week I took a quickie break from the pressing workload to spend some time with and spoil one of my favorite people in this world.  My niece Gia.  I am so glad I was able to sneak away for a bit to not only capture her sweetness in this summertime sunshine but to have her joyful smile uplift and energize me – the way it always seems to and in the way only IT can. Thanks my sweet G.

MY WORLD | Two Bums I Would Die For

So I know this isn’t a legit photo shoot picture but I can’t not share it and I’m not too old for “show and tell” right?

So…we were getting the girls ready for bath time and as they excitedly stood there watching the tub fill up I made a mad dash for my camera and am so glad I did. This moment is perfection. Say, with her rain boots still on -just standing there poking her bum and G, holding her toy whale ready for some bath time fun. Ahhhh, I could just die! I know I’m an overly obsessed aunt but are these not the cutest little bums you’ve ever seen!!